Romans 7:5 For when we were in the realm of the flesh, the sinful passions aroused by the law were at work in us, so that we bore fruit for death.

There are two “realms” in which we live: “in Adam” or “in Christ.” The realm of Adam is characterized by the control of the flesh. We live to please ourselves and our cravings which see to satisfy our self and pride. Sin distorts how God has created us. We are deceived in our fight against death and pain. We choose what seems to bring us happiness but eventually brings pain and sorrow. The world offers false promises. The law arouses our selfishness and gives an excuse for our rebellion against God to exert itself in disobedience. The law says, here is the line, don’t cross it. But we are like Adam and Eve and respond back, “I want to be my own boss. I don’t need to follow God’s commands.” Thus, the law ends up being a problem for us. As we disobey God, the consequence is death. So, there are several problems that need to be dealt with: the flesh (living in this created world) that has been distorted by selfish desires and pride, a broken and bent and depraved heart and thinking (the “mind”), the law which has been distorted by our sinful condition, and the final consequence of death. Somehow, all of this needs to be resolved if we will ever have life and peace.

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