Hebrews 10:39: But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who have faith and preserve their souls.

This final verse in chapter 10 summarizes the key idea with a strong statement of confidence. Because we have assurance and confidence that comes from faith in Jesus, we should not fear and shrink back. We can stand strong because we know that our endurance through suffering will be rewarded. This life is temporary. There is more to our existence than our brief 80 or so years. The key idea is to “preserve our souls” so that we will receive the reward of eternal life. Judgment awaits those who turn their back on Jesus. The author has given many warnings about turning away from Jesus and going back into the old life of sin. We must take sin seriously and we must take the need for faith seriously. The author will turn to the topic of faith in the next chapter. The object of this faith is Jesus Christ. As the “author of faith,” he is the one who makes it possible to endure because he has opened the way to the Father. Each element of the author’s ideas in this letter fit together. Although the argumentation gets difficult to follow at point, the main idea is clear: put your faith in Jesus and do not forsake him.

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