1 Corinthians 15:11  Whether then it was I or they, so we preach and so you believed.

This verses expresses the unity in the message that was preached in the early church. This message focused on the person of Jesus Christ. It explained the four points Paul laid out in vv. 3-5a: Jesus died, was buried, rose, and was seen by eye witnesses. This message may seem simple on the surface, but it has many implications for faith and living. Jesus is the focus of the divine story begun in Genesis and completed in Revelation. The Old Testament predicted and demanded the coming of the Messiah. Israel’s failed story shows the utter sinfulness and depravity of humanity. This depravity is on display everyday around us and in us. Both Paul and the other apostles preached this message wherever they went.

The Corinthian to whom Paul wrote this letter believed in this message and gathered together into a church. Paul’s topic of this chapter is to make sure that they have the correct understanding and to connect this message with a question they have about resurrection. This chapter shows how theology is important for our daily lives. It is not simply abstract ideas that scholars debate but is at the core of who we are as Christians. Theology does not need to be complicated, although the smartest of people can never probe its depths.

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